"Genre-bending" is a cool title for an author to have. Especially one digging to the soul of each story to see, and help readers discover, the heart that beats beneath each word

Stay a while. See what so may have found to love about the depth of Anna's storytelling range. If you see something you like, by all means, dive in!

Secret Legacy

"Whether you prefer Thrillers, Suspense, Romance or even Fantasy this is the book for
you...[it] will leave you utterly satisfied and yet demanding the next book in the series the moment you finish reading the last page." –Rochester Writing Examiner

"The Legacy books are a sexy, spine-tingling home run for me!" –Jessica Anderson, Best-selling author of the Final Prophecy novels

"A wonderful sequel to Dark Legacy. Unique worldbuilding with complex characters of psychic dreamers fighting to discover and pursue their own destinies. A powerful story of love, betrayal and redemption, beautifully rendered." –Roin D. Owens RITA award-winning author of fantasy, futuristic romance

"An action packed psychic thriller that never seems to stop… a true psychic thriller with deeply complex plots and never-ending twists and turns, Secret Legacy is sure to please." –Fresh Fiction

The Firefighter's Secret Baby

"...nonstop action from start to finish...her characters are endearing... Randy's desire to
protect [the heroine] at all costs will make readers sigh with envy." –Alexandra Kay,
Romantic Times Book Reviews

Dark Legacy

"A gripping romantic thriller that will keep you turning pages to the very end." –New York
Times Bestselling Author C. L. Wilson

"Anna DeStefano’s complex novel relies on a similar framework of dream theory and questions of identity that made Inception such an irresistible film...DeStefano’s novel is an insightful psychological thriller of the first order." –
Jeremy Cesarec, Barnes and Noble NOOK Blog

" DeStefano' s chilling, mesmerizing tale draws readers through a horrifying mental nightmare and brings them safely, if not unscathed, to the other side. Fans of psychological suspense–especially the clinical kind–may find this especially fascinating." –Library Journal

" This new urban fantasy has an attention-grabbing plot and interesting characters that
provide excitement and suspense. And the psychological tension provides a satisfying head
trip...The storyline satisfies and leads to a cliffhanger conclusion." –RT Book Reviews

"DARK LEGACY is a spine-tingling blend of dark suspense and a paranormal romance
that explores the deep powers of the human mind and heart....Anna DeStefano keeps a
reader poised on the very edge until the last page as danger upon danger arises, as image
upon image builds to the final confrontation and shocking revelation..." –Merrimon Book

"Ms. DeStefano has crafted a complex and compelling tale that encompasses a lot of "What
Ifs". You will be wondering till the end... And you will enjoy pretty much every page of this
wonderfully written tale." –Night Owl Romance

"...my top Genre Bending must read fiction book for this year... it's edgy... real edgy." –Rochester Writing Examiner

"Ms. Destefano provides readers with an entertaining reading experience...DARK LEGACY
combines the dark draw of power with a danger filled paranormal adventure of revenge and romance." –Darque Reviews

"If you like your thrillers with a dash of the paranormal and a bit on the Gothic side, this is
the book for you." –Fresh Fiction

"Readers of paranormal romance, romantic suspense and thrillers will enjoy Anna DeStefano’s fabulous new creation, Dark Legacy. Dark Legacy combines Gothic overtones, mad scientists and secret government technology with a psychic heroine, a brilliant and charming hero and a lightning fast plot to create a sure winner." — Lori Handeland, New York Times Bestselling Author, RITA Award Winning Author, Author of Doomsday Can Wait

"Dark Legacy is a thrilling combination of suspense and romance. DeStefano pens an emotional and intense read that will leave you demanding more." —Bob Mayer, New York Times Bestselling Author

Winter Heat

Gayle Wilson Award Finalist

4 stars, "This trio of stories is humorous, sexy and edgy." —Alexandra Kay, Romantic Times Book Reviews

To Save a Family

4 1/2 stars, "an excellent read" —Alexandra Kay, Romantic Times Book Reviews

2008 National Reader's Choice Award Nominee

To Protect the Child

2008 Romantic Times Award Winner!!

4 1/2 Stars Top Pick!!!, "...a nonstop thriller full of action and excitement... Readers won't want to put this one down." —Alexandra Kay, Romantic Times Book Reviews

2008 Romantic Times Award Nominee

Mothers of the Year

"Poignant, heartwarming, and satisfying, this trio of novellas highlights the different faces of motherhood and is a tribute to mothers everywhere... A well-written, enjoyable anthology." —Kristen Ramsdell, Library Journal

5 Stars, "...three warm contemporary tales starring fully developed characters who pay wonderful homage to moms." —Harriet Klausner

4 1/2 Stars, "This trio of charming stories...is heartwarming and well written. All three authors are masters of their craft...." —Alexandra Kay, Romantic Times Book Reviews

Because of A Boy

4 Stars, "...Remarkably realistic characters and a fast-paced story make Anna DeStefano's Because of a Boy hard to put down..." —Alexandra Kay, Romantic Times Book Reviews

5 Stars, "...Totally engrossing...a winning start..." —Donna Zapf, Cataromance.com

"...Author Anna DeStefano doesn't pull her punches... Dealing with some of the most emotional issues possible, child abuse, the effects of abusive families, physical injury and betrayal, DeStefano delivers a page-turning read..." —Rob Preece, BooksForABuck.com

"...Anna DeStefano’s Because of a Boy is an emotional story that forces her characters to trust based on gut feeling, and this left this reader in tears more than once..." —Angie, LovesRomanceAndMore.com

2007 Cataromance Reviewers Choice Award Winner!!

All-American Father

4 1/2 Stars, "All-American Father...will delight readers from start to finish..." — Alexandra Kay, Romantic Times Book Reviews

5 Stars, "...showcases Anna DeStefano’s warm writing style and innate talent of creating characters that come to life for her readers. Thank you, Ms. DeStefano, for taking real life situations and developing compelling, entertaining stories that we want to read again and again." — Donna Zapf, Cataromance.com

5 Stars, "...a talented author who takes a tale and makes it shine... Her characters go beyond multi-dimensional and will make a lasting impact on readers' hearts. She takes real life people and tells their stories in a way that will leave your heart aching... " —Angie, LovesRomanceAndMore.com

2008 Colorado Award of Excellence Finalist!!!

2007 Golden Leaf Award Finalist!!!

The Perfect Daughter

4 Stars, "...offers an insightful look into the realities of dealing with tragedy. Her characters are well-drawn and her dialogue sparkles." —Romantic Times Book Reviews

5 Stars, "...Touches the heart...pierces the soul...a true romance!!! Treat yourself with Anna DeStefano's The Perfect Daughter this Valentine's Day." —Cataromance.com

The Prodigal's Return

5 Roses, "I loved this book! It made me laugh as well as cry..." —A Romance Review

"A wonderful story...that tugs at your heart and leaves you with a satisfied sigh." —New York Times Bestselling Author, Haywood Smith

4 1/2 Stars, "...a very contemporary love story...DeStefano writes beautifully with a depth of emotion that moves the reader and wraps her in warmth and humor." —Michelle Buonfiglio, myLifetime.com

5 Stars, "Like fine wine, Anna DeStefano’s writing improves with each inspired novel she produces and The Prodigal's Return is the best yet." —Donna Zapf, Cataromance.com

2006 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence WINNER!!!

2007 Maggie Award of Excellence Finalist

2007 Holt Medallion Finalist

Excellent!, BookReview.com

4 Hearts, LovesRomance.com

The Runaway Daughter

"Anna DeStefano's remarkable stories of the healing power of love touch the heart with hope. One of the genre's rising stars..." —Gayle Wilson, Two-Time RITA Award Winning Author

5 Stars, "...Gifted author Anna DeStefano once again creates a story ripped from today’s headlines... a heart wrenching fast-paced tale of lives touched by the evil of methamphetamines and the healing of a family’s unconditional love." —Donna Zapf, Cataromance.com

Excellent! "...an intriguing police procedural...a strong thriller..." —Harriet Klausner, BookReview.com

"...an exciting, nail-biting story...that romantic suspense readers will enjoy..." —Marilyn Heyman, Romance Reviews Today

2006 Cataromance Reviewers Choice Award

2006 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence Finalist

2007 Book Seller's Best Finalist

2007 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence Finalist

Reviewers Choice Award Winner, 2006 Best Superromance

A Family for Daniel

5 Roses "...This is a keeper for me. Sorry you will have to go buy your own." —ARomanceReview.com

Silver Medal Award "... an intriguing family drama that focuses on the impact of abuse on adults and children... fans of powerful contemporary tales with social issues will want to read Anna DeStefano's fine story." —Harriet Klausner, Blether

5 Stars, "... If you haven't discovered Anna DeStefano yet, then you must read A FAMILY FOR DANIEL, which showcases her creative writing talent to perfection. This moving book will tug at your heart strings and trigger your protective instincts." —Donna Zapf, Cataromance.com

"I loved this book for its many complex issues... Getting into the viewpoints of the troubled children added dimension to the story, and their triumphs were all the sweeter because of the pain they'd faced. A great, emotional read...from an author to watch." —BooksForABuck.com

2005 Cataromance Reviewers Choice Award

2005 Holt Medallion Finalist

2005 Book Buyers Best Award Finalist

Reviewers Choice Award Winner

2005 Best Superromance


The Unknown Daughter

"This is what romance should be..." —Christine Merrill, Romantic Times

"This may just be an author to watch..." —ARomanceReview.com

"Character-driven drama, highlighted by strong writing and sympathetic characters... a promising start for a new author..." —Leigh Thomas, All About Romance

"...leap[s] off the page with freshness and originality... I look forward to more from this author." —BooksForABuck.com

"Absorbing! Intriguing! Fascinating!... Anna DeStefano's poetic way with words and her appealing characters enhanced this delightful book... truly a book to treasure and enjoy over and over again." —Donna Zapf, Cataromance.com

Romantic Times Best Superromance of 2004

Best 2004 Debut Series Romance, publicist and reviewer Pat Rouse

2004 National Readers Choice Award Nominee

2004 Maggie Award of Excellence Finalist

4 1/2 Star Top Pick Gold Medal, Romantic Times Book Reviews

Waldenbooks Romance Series Best Seller

Romantic Times Best Superromance of 2004!

2004 National Readers Choice Award Finalist

Unpublished Awards:

2003 Golden Heart Winner

2002 Unpublished Maggie Award of Excellence

2001 Molly Award

2001 Golden Rose Award

2001 TRW Golden Opportunity Contest Winner

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