cover Let Me Love You Again++

Can their second-chance love be a dream come true?

Selena Rosenthal left behind her high school sweetheart, who was the love of her life, seven years ago.

Now, she and the once-rebellious Oliver Bowman are back in Chandlerville-after his foster father's heart attack and Selena's contentious divorce-to deal with her secrets, the recklessness that caused their breakup, and the almost-strangers they've become to each other and their families.

As soon as his father is stronger, Oliver must return to the successful career that helps support a new generation of foster kids. But he's falling for Selena again, her daughter has a hold on his heart, and he can't imagine leaving behind his brothers and sisters once again. More attached by the day to their charming hometown and families, Selena and Oliver fall in love for the second time.

Has fate brought Chandlerville's prodigal children together again...this time forever?

"Most beautifully scripted story about love..." ~ Fresh Fiction

"A beautiful tapestry of family, hope and second chances." ~ Nancy Naigle, Best-selling Author

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coverHere in my Heart++

Live and work together, or lose everything that matters...

The ultimatum tilts Dru Hampton's contented life in Chandlerville, Georgia, on its ear. The man that Vivian, her cantankerous boss and benefactor, wants Dru to partner with -live with- is Brad Douglas, who's let Dru down every way a man can.

Sheriff's deputy Brad Douglas has come a long way since his rebellious youth. He's back home to care for Vivian, his ill grandmother. He's stayed out of Dru's way all these years to make up for the hurt he once caused her. Now, the delightfully mischievous Vivian's dying wish is for them to rebuild at least a working relationship together...and she's betting on them rediscovering much more.

The family business and the Douglas home that Dru and Brad both cherish will be sold if they don't resolve their differences. Can these childhood sweethearts make up and reclaim each other's hearts before it's too late?

"Anna DeStefano is a treasure!" ~ Teresa Medeiros, New York Times best-selling author

"Anna DeStefano grabs you by the heartstrings and doesn't let go." ~ Brenda Novak, New York Times best selling author

"Anna DeStefano is a rare talent." ~ Kristan Higgins, New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author

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coverLove on Mimosa Lane+

#1 Amazon Best-selling Series!
A story of community, friendship, family - and love's power to conquer all obstacles.

A rugged bartender with a dark past, a vindictive ex-wife, and a bad reputation . . . A kind, beautiful community activist searching for peace . . .

Law Beaumont has been fascinated with the assistant principal at his daughter's elementary school for years. Kristen Hemmings, in spite of herself, felt the same pull. But these two couldn't seem more wrong for each other. Common sense keeps them apart, but their hearts pull them together. When they unite to mentor a young foster child and to help Law's troubled daughter through the aftermath of her parents' ugly divorce, their attraction deepens. They face the undeniable connection between them, and a whirlwind of challenges they can only conquer together.

A stirring love story and a candid look at the complexities of divorce, substance abuse, and our country's foster care system, Love on Mimosa Lane is a love song to an entire community, and a novel about the power of family-the family you've been given, the one you've chosen, and the one that can lift you up, even when the world is tearing you down.

"Anna DeStefano is a treasure!" ~ Teresa Medeiros, New York Times best-selling author

"Anna DeStefano grabs you by the heartstrings and doesn't let go." ~ Brenda Novak, New York Times best selling author

"Anna DeStefano is a rare talent." ~ Kristan Higgins, New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author

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coverThree Days on Mimosa Lane+

One day can change your life forever...Three days change a painful past into a beautiful tomorrow...

Once, Sam Perry had it all. A loving marriage, an amazing job she adored as a preschool teacher, and a beautiful home. She was safe, happy and secure. Then the unthinkable happened... Watching his once carefree wife withdraw into herself was almost more than Brian Perry could handle. The only thing that kept him going was knowing that he loved her more than life itself. Moving her out of New York to Chandlerville, a small, quiet suburb of Atlanta, felt right. Anything, to get her away from the memories of the buildings, and her world, crashing around her.

Now, two sons and many years later, Sam cherishes the new life on Mimosa Lane that Brian built for them. Until lightning strikes twice... Called a hero by her small community, Sam feels more like a coward than ever. Instinct draws her into an altercation at her children's school- an instinct that also drives her away from the warm cocoon of her family. Brian refuses to lose his wife again. He agrees to give her the space she asks for, but he soon realizes space isn't something they and their children can afford. He knows their love can still conquer all. But this time he'll need their entire community to help him win his wife back.

A beautifully wrought, intense story of courage, strength and love...One of the best books I've read all year. Anna DeStefano is a rare talent, able to blend marrow-deep love with family drama in an intense, gripping story. ~ Kristan Higgins, New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author

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coverChristmas on Mimosa Lane+cover

A touching Christmas story about love, loss, and healing and the joys of coming home.

Anna DeStefano presents a touching Christmas story about love, loss, and healing and the joys of coming home. A childhood spent on the streets leaves Mallory Phillips longing for a normal life and a perfect Christmas. Now an elementary school nurse in Chandlerville, Georgia, Mallory's dream to blend into the picturesque community isn't working out. She's once more living a loner's existence. Then an emotionally fragile seven-year-old appears in her living room in the middle of the night, and Mallory's isolated world is turned upside down. This is Polly Lombard's first Christmas without her mother, and she won't utter a word to anyone - except Mallory. She believes Mallory holds the key to helping her father overcome his sadness. Despite Pete Lombard's lingering grief over his wife's death and concern for his daughter, his resistance to their mysterious neighbor crumbles as he spends more time with Mallory and falls for her amazing heart. But when her past returns haunt her, is Mallory strong enough to keep the Lombard family in her life? And can the spirit of Christmas heal these broken souls and bring them all the joyous, loving holiday they deserve?

"Anna DeStefano grabs you by the heartstrings and doesn't let go. Christmas on Mimosa Lane is a touching, emotional and timely story, with characters who will stay with you long after the last page has been turned." —Brenda Novak, NYT Best Selling Author

"A deeply emotional story that furls around your heart like a Christmas ribbon." —Lori Wilde, New York Times best-selling Author

"A fearlessly emotional novel about the redemptive power of love. Four hankies. Five stars." —Judith Arnold, author of Goodbye To All That

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coverHer Forgotton Betrayal

Remembering will save her life. But will the truth destroy their love forever

The FBI suspects her of illegally selling top-secret research, and has sent an agent to find evidence of her treason. She doesn’t realize the man who sweeps in from the cold claiming to be her protector, and her former love, is keeping dangerous secrets from her. She begins to trust him, unaware that he is about to repeat the most painful betrayal of her past—a past she doesn’t remember...a past that may kill her.

"Dark danger and lush romance, Anna DeStefano mysteries deliver!" —Catherine Mann, USA Today Bestselling Author

"DeStefano crafts a tense and touching suspense about forgotten pasts and reunited lovers." —Caridad Pineiro, NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author

"Intrigue, danger, and a hero to die for make DeStefano's Her Forgotten Betrayal a page-turner!" —Rita Herron, Award-Winning Harlequin Intrigue Author

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FFSB coverThe Firefighter's Secret Baby**

ISBN 0373716303

One night has big consequences...

She’s a captivating woman who catches his eye immediately. They spend one steamy night together. But in the morning, she's gone.

Nine months later, firefighter Randy Montgomery is the first emergency responder on the scene of an accident. And as he pulls a very pregnant woman from the wreck, he recognizes her—Sam Gianfranco. What a twisted sense of humor fate has. Because not only is Sam about to give birth, but she's also in a pile of trouble. Police protection and bad-guy chases kind of trouble. Another man would walk away. Not Randy. A single glance at Sam and his baby, and he's in this for the long haul. And he'll do whatever it takes to keep all of them safe.

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Winter Heat coverWinter Heat

ISBN 9780373837304


For two cynical best friends who believe beginning an affair would be too much of a cliché…until they decide to share a vacation—and a bed!


For a schoolteacher eager to exchange her schoolmarm nature for that of an insatiable tigress and the undercover agent who knows how to bring out her wild side!

And completely mind-blowing!

For a corporate gal looking to shed her office shackles with the one man who can't afford to get carried away…

4 Stars, "This trio of stories is humorous, sexy and edgy. Solid characters and conflicts offer a depth not often seen in pieces of this length." —Alexandra Kay, Romantic Times Book Reviews

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To Save a Family coverTo Save a Family**

ISBN: 9780373782574

Book 3 in the Atlanta Heros series!!!

Atlanta public defender Emma Montgomery gives every client—innocent or not—her best effort. Even if it means sparring with the tempting Lieutenant Rick Downing. Each day, the two battle—all the while aware of the growing attraction between them. Until one day, everything changes.

Betrayed and seriously injured by a criminal, Emma loses faith in the system she once cherished. Worse still, she's lost faith in herself. But then Rick comes forward with a case Emma can't resist. A mother stands to lose her children and her freedom—unless Emma and Rick can call a cease-fire and save this one family.

5 Stars, "This is an excellent romantic legal thriller with some police procedural elements. The story line is action-packed..." —Harriet Klausner

4 1/2 stars Top Pick!, "an excellent read" —Alexandra Kay, Romantic Times Book Reviews

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To Protect the Child coverTo Protect the Child**

ISBN: 9780373782420

Book 2 in the Atlanta Heros series!!!

Deep Cover FBI Agent Alexa Vega can't remember who's hunting her.

Then, nightmares tell her to return to the mobster who tried to kill her, or an innocent child will be his next victim.

Alexa's surgeon, Robert Livingston (from Because of a Boy), will risk everything to help her--and to keep Alexa's heart forever.

Anna DeStefano turns up the heat--her southern-set, award-winning stories go uptown in Atlanta Heroes!

Atlanta Heroes—you can stake your life on them!!!

4 1/2 Stars Top Pick!!!, "...a nonstop thriller full of action and excitement... Readers won't want to put this one down." —Alexandra Kay, Romantic Times Book Reviews

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Mothers of the Year coverMothers of the Year

ISBN: 0373714823

In Mommy for Rent by Lori Handeland, a Rent-a-Mommy job for the Mother's Day picnic turns into the real thing.

In Along Came a Daughter by Rebecca Winters, a daughter goes to work for her dream mom and then has to wait for her dad to fall in love.

In Baby Steps by Anna DeStefano, it takes a troubled little boy to help a woman take baby steps toward a loving future with her husband.

"Poignant, heartwarming, and satisfying, this trio of novellas highlights the different faces of motherhood and is a tribute to mothers everywhere... A well-written, enjoyable anthology." —Kristen Ramsdell, Library Journal

5 Stars, "...three warm contemporary tales starring fully developed characters who pay wonderful homage to moms." —Harriet Klausner

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Because of a BoyBecause of a Boy**

ISBN: 0373714491

Book 1 in the Atlanta Heros series!!!

She never meant it to go so far...

Pediatric nurse Kate Rhodes teams up with legal aid lawyer Stephen Creighton because it's the only way to save her patient--a sick little boy whose father is on the run from both the DEA and a Colombian drug lord. Now Kate and Stephen are in danger of losing their lives as well as their hearts!

Anna DeStefano turns up the heat--her southern-set, award-winning stories go uptown in Atlanta Heroes!

Some of your favorite characters from The Perfect Daugther and The Prodigal's Return are back, joined by every-day heroes you'll love.

Atlanta Heroes—you can stake your life on them!!!

4 Stars, "...Remarkably realistic characters and a fast-paced story make Anna DeStefano's Because of a Boy hard to put down..." —Alexandra Kay, Romantic Times Book Reviews

5 Stars, "...Totally engrossing...a winning start..." —Donna Zapf,

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All-American Father coverAll-American Father

ISBN: 0373714106

Happily Ever After Shouldn't Be This Hard To Tackle...

A harried, ex-football star single father...

A pre-teen daughter determined to get his attention any way she can...

A blast from his high-school past--a fiesty woman with her own problems, but a knack for getting through to his child...

Cost to Derrick Cavenaugh's sanity...Priceless.

Neither Derrick nor Bailey Greenwood know how to back down from a fight. Turns out, winning each other's love with be their toughest, and most rewarding battle of all.

Don't miss the third book in Superromance's Singles...With Kids series!

4 1/2 Stars, "All-American Father...will delight readers from start to finish..." — Alexandra Kay, Romantic Times Book Reviews

5 Stars, "...showcases Anna DeStefano’s warm writing style and innate talent of creating characters that come to life for her readers. Thank you, Ms. DeStefano, for taking real life situations and developing compelling, entertaining stories that we want to read again and again." — Donna Zapf,

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The Perfect Daughter coverThe Perfect Daughter*

ISBN: 0373713991

The exciting conclusion to Anna's award-winning Daughter series!!!

Everyone thought Maggie Rivers was perfect...

You've watched her fight for the people she cares about. Now journey back to Oakwood, Georgia as Maggie and NYPD Detective Matt Lebrettie fight for her safety, the future Maggie deserves, and the love they can't run from any longer.

4 Stars, "...offers an insightful look into the realities of dealing with tragedy. Her characters are well-drawn and her dialogue sparkles." —Romantic Times Book Reviews

5 Stars, "...Touches the heart...pierces the soul...a true romance!!! Treat yourself with Anna DeStefano's The Perfect Daughter this Valentine's Day." —

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The Prodigal's Return coverThe Prodigal’s Return

ISBN: 0373713584

Neal Cain and Jennifer Gardner's lives have spiraled out of control.

Their entire town and all the odds are against their second chance.

Are these survivors ready for the toughest battle of all...—Coming home?

5 Roses, "I loved this book! It made me laugh as well as cry..." —A Romance Review

"A wonderful story...that tugs at your heart and leaves you with a satisfied sigh." --NYT Bestselling Author, Haywood Smith

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The Runaway Daughter coverThe Runaway Daughter*

ISBN: 0373713290

You can run, but you can't hide...

Maggie Rivers... A teenager on the run...

Her Uncle Tony... A loner, playboy sheriff's deputy... A man who's lost too much and will risk anything to protect his niece...

Angie Carter... Their small town's first female candidate for sheriff... She can't let Tony protect Maggie alone, even if breaking the rules will cost her more that her heart...

Heroes who put everything on the line for the people they love...

And the price just might be their lives!

"Anna DeStefano's remarkable stories of the healing power of love touch the heart with hope. One of the genre's rising stars..." –Gayle Wilson, Two-Time RITA Award Winning Author

5 Stars, "...Gifted author Anna DeStefano once again creates a story ripped from today’s headlines... a heart wrenching fast-paced tale of lives touched by the evil of methamphetamines and the healing of a family’s unconditional love." —Donna Zapf,

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A Family for Daniel coverA Family for Daniel

ISBN: 0373712804

What happens when two survivors can't make it alone? Amy Loar is a single working mother struggling to give her daughter the secure life she deserves. Joshua White is raising his baby sister's son, only Daniel doesn't want anything to do with the small-town life Joshua loves. The last thing these childhood friends have energy for is the distraction of a relationship, until working together becomes the only way they can protect the kids they love.

5 Roses "...This is a keeper for me. Sorry you will have to go buy your own." —

Silver Medal Award "... an intriguing family drama that focuses on the impact of abuse on adults and children... fans of powerful contemporary tales with social issues will want to read Anna DeStefano's fine story." —Harriet Klausner, Blether

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The Unknown Daughter coverThe Unknown Daughter*

ISBN: 0-373-71234-0

Carrinne Wilmington turned her back on her past and her first love when she was only seventeen. Now, for the sake of her sixteen-year-old daughter, she's returning to her South Georgia home to search for the key to their future. When someone tries to stop her from finding the truth, will Eric Rivers, the rebel-turned-sheriff from her past, help her protect the daughter he's never known?

"This is what romance should be..." —Christine Merrill, Romantic Times Book Reviews

"Character-driven drama, highlighted by strong writing and sympathetic characters... a promising start for a new author..." —Leigh Thomas, All About Romance

Buy at Amazon | More reviews/accolades

The Sheriff’s Wife*

2004, eHarlequin online read

How difficult is a woman's decision to return to work after she has children? This common reality for many modern families, and the unexpected compromises husbands and wifes too often face, is at the heart of this emotion-filled short story.

A dynamo of a short story that's loosely tied to my Daughter series and Books 1 and 3 of the Atlanta Heroes series!!!

Read Now!

* Daughter series   ** Atlanta Heroes series   + Seasons of the Heart series   ++ Echoes of the Heart series

cover Christmas on Bellevue Lane++

Welcome back to heartwarming Chandlerville, GA, for another Christmas with everyone's favorite foster family, the Dixons!

Readers of the #1 Best-Selling Echoes of the Heart series have been writing non-stop, asking for Marsha and Joe Dixon's love story.

If you've read reader favorite LET ME LOVE YOU AGAIN (with its 4.7 out of 5 Star Reviews), you've fallen in love with little Camille Rosenthall Bowman.Now's your chance to join her as she celebrates her first Christmas in July with her new grandparents, Marsha and Joe. Just in time to hear (along with readers) the fun and poignant stories behind how Marsha and Joe met, fell in love and started their group foster home that has come to mean so much to so many.

Be there to watch as the Dixon family rallies around Joe as he recovers from heart problems: his older children are returning the love and support their foster parents have given them ten fold...

To tide you over until HIS DARLING BRIDE (Echoes of the Heart Book 3) arrives in April, 2016, jump into the fun and surprises found in this new Chandlerville novella!

Has fate brought Chandlerville's prodigal children together again...this time forever?

"Most beautifully scripted story about love..." ~ Fresh Fiction

"A beautiful tapestry of family, hope and second chances." ~ Nancy Naigle, Best-selling Author

Read Excerpt | Buy at Amazon

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